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This week, I’m going to see a local doctor about the pain, numbness and tingling in my shoulder, arm, and hand on the side where I had surgery and radiation.  On the 28th, I have my three-month visit to the imaging center in Denver for my mammogram and ultrasound. Later that day, I will have blood work and see my oncologist. The first week in February, I see a dermatologist. I scheduled that visit during one of my “Everything New or Different Must Be Cancer” stages, and, even though I’m over that for the time being, I decided to keep the appointment. I never expect to have any anxiety around these appointments, but sometimes it creeps up on me.

In the meantime, I’m doing some stretching, using ibuprofen occasionally, and applying heat once in a while when my arm becomes too painful and that seems to help for a while. I intend to ask for more help with lymphedema prevention, including instructions on stretching, exercise, and massage.

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Sunrises and sunsets

New Year sunrise over the field.

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