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Resources for Women with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer from Living Beyond Breast Cancer  

Order Guide to Understanding Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, created by LBBC in partnership with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (download brochure, order brochure).

“This publication offers helpful information, whether you have just been diagnosed or you are moving forward after treatment. Learn common terms your doctor may use and what might increase your risk for developing this type of breast cancer. Get the facts on treatments, and find out how to deal with myths about this diagnosis. If you have finished treatment, sort through post-treatment concerns, including follow-up testing and managing the fear of recurrence. Read the experiences of real women affected by triple-negative breast cancer and tips from healthcare professionals.”

“Read our publication on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Treatment Update and Tools for Healthy Living with Lyndsay N. Harris , MD, and Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD (transcript, audio recording). Hear the latest news on triple-negative breast cancer from medical and nutrition experts. Dr. Harris gives an overview of the biology of triple-negative breast cancer and explains how it differs from other types of breast cancer, who is at high risk and targeted treatments in the pipeline. Ms. Dixon explains how a low-fat diet and vitamin D may affect your risk of recurrence.”

“Listen to an audio recording on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Understanding Treatment Options and Post-Treatment Concerns (audio recording) with Ramona F. Swaby, MD. Learn which groups are affected more often by triple-negative breast cancer and why. Dr. Swaby discusses available treatment options including a review of the latest research in targeted and biological therapies, how to manage follow-up care and the importance of participating in clinical trials to further research development.”

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

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My oncologist is at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. When I first went there, they gave me a bag full of things I was going to need.  It included a notebook where I could keep medical records, a calendar for tracking appointments, record of symptoms to tell the doctors, a place to file business and appointment cards, and information on breast cancer, treatment, diet, exercise, etc. 

I don’t know how I would have managed without it.  If you didn’t get a bag, you can order one through Bag It. Check out their website:

They have information online and the following is a list of bag tools and their sources:

NCI Publications:
Eating Hints
When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer
Taking Time
Life After Cancer Treatment
Taking Part in Cancer Research Studies

NCCS Publications:
Teamwork – The Cancer Patient’s Guide to Talking With Your Doctor
Cancer Survival Toolbox – CD program

Three Ring Binder:
Paper and dividers for keeping track of information, test results and appointments
Business and Appointment Card Holder
Letter from BAG IT Founder and President
Feedback/Evaluation Form
Cancer Treatment Summary-Follow-up Care Plan Resources for survivorship after treatment

What is the bag all about?

The six publications, the CDs, and the binder directly address:

Quality of life issues:
Dealing with emotions like fear, anxiety, and loneliness
Discussing cancer with family, friends, and co-workers
Timely nutrition information
Adapting to changing relationships
Addressing caregiver needs and concerns
Making difficult decisions
Critical areas such as:
Talking with your doctor and making the most of office visits
Dealing with insurance concerns
Listing of national resources

The binder included in the bag is an effective empowerment tool.
It helps patients keep track of:
Copies of referrals
Lab work and reports
Blood work
Office visit questions, answers, and notes
Contacts and appointments
Summary and follow-up care

BAG IT is also available in Spanish

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