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Another local breast cancer survivor and I are talking about starting a support group in town. We’re having coffee Tuesday morning to discuss it again. American Cancer Society has a book on facilitating support groups that we will read before we start. 

CancerCare has started online support groups. From their website:

Currently available groups. 

Groups for people with cancer:   
•Patient Group: Lung Cancer Patient
•Patient Group: Post Treatment Survivor
•Patient Group: Young Adults (Age 20-40) with Cancer
•Patient Group: Breast Cancer Patient
•Patient Group: Colorectal Cancer Patient
•Patient Group: Blood Cancer Patient
•Patient Group: Men with Cancer
•Patient Group: Women with Cancer
•Patient Group: Gynecologic Cancers

Groups for caregivers and loved ones:
•Caregiver Group: General Caregivers/Loved Ones
•Caregiver Group: Lung Cancer Caregivers
•Caregiver Group: Young Adult (age 20-40) who are Caregivers
•Caregiver Group: Pancreatic Caregivers
•Caregiver Group: Parents of a Child with Cancer
•Caregiver Group: Teen Caregivers

Groups for the bereaved:
•Grief Group: People Who Have Lost a Loved One   
•Grief Group: Partner’s Bereavement
•Grief Group: Parents Who Lost a Child to Cancer


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